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We have scheduled an entertainment/social event to celebrate our artists and creatives across the globe   

Event Date: 18 Feb 2023, Saturday ( coincides Maha Shivratri day)

Event Time: Singapore  22:00 

India           19:30

UK               12:00

US(East)    07:00

US(West)   04:00

CANADA    09:00

AUS            23:00

Duration: 2 hours

We invite participants to register in the following categories.

1. Singing 

Recorded/Live, With/Without BGM(background music)

2. Art / Painting 

Video/Slideshow of your unique painting

3. Magic 

Demonstrate your magic ideas, Max 15 mins

4. Dance 

Recorded Video, Max 5 mins 

5. Play any musical instruments 

Recorded/Live, Max 5 mins

6. Short Film 

Max. 10 mins 

Pl register on or before 12 Feb 2023. Register asap for our planning and preparation with you.

Shortlisted participants/contestants will be notified before the event. We will try to accommodate as many talents as possible. All participants will receive a certificate of participation from GSS.

It is a wonderful opportunity to show case your talent.

All are invited to join and support the event.

Let us enjoy the event together.

Thank you.

Teacher training to Nayaki School Teachers

A series of teacher training classes are in progress

3rd GSS Meet

Successfully completed on 22 Jan 2022

Spoken English Course 


2 months from 16 Dec 2020 for the School Staff

Joining Info

Use the iD supplied by the host ( Malli Vidyalaya High School )

2nd GSS Meet


Event Date: 25 Dec 2020
Event Start Time 18.30 IST
Duration: 2 hours 

Videos on Depression by Dr Baskar, GP, UK

Sourashtra Version Part 1  |  Part 2  |  English Version

Videos released by Thinnal Talkies

Workshop on Google Classroom


02 Dec 2020 Wed 4  to 6 pm IST

30+ Teachers attended.

Webinar on G Suite for Education


8th Nov2020  Sunday 11.15 am to 12.45 pm IST

View the agenda

1st GSS Meet